Our approach to health and wellness is truly holistic. We place a huge focus on stress management and whole food nutrition. We combine the modern science of Naturopathic care together with the use of cutting-edge laboratory and diagnostic testing to find the root cause of your health issues.

Achieving Health and Wellness with Thermography Clinic Ireland

The natural health world can be complicated at times. There are many different products and programs that promise quick-fixes that may or may not even have benefit for you. In reality, there are no quick fixes when we want to heal. I went through this all myself, and found that way too many people hyper-focus on one organ, one specific illness, one diet, or one nutrient.

True holistic health focuses on the body as a whole. Our programs are designed with this principle in mind: we are all different and we all need to be supported on our healing journey.  We also try to make things simple

The number 1 cause of hormonal imbalance is STRESS!!

Stress affects a woman’s endocrine system instantly. It is an evolutionary quirk related to times of famine and limited food sources. A woman’s fertility is reduced as soon as the body is placed into a state of long-term stress. Literally, your sex hormones are turned off in order for your stress hormones to activate. So with this in mind, it makes complete sense…

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