Minerals: The Spark Plugs of Life

It’s hard to ignore when double Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Linus Pauling stated: “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables to meet minimum mineral RDAs. Even the trace minerals in organic foods are depleted.

Vitamins depend on minerals to function. As such a large percentage of us are mineral deficient, it’s no wonder that the vitamins we ingest often don’t deliver the vitality we expect.

Unfortunately, most multi-mineral supplements don’t absorb well enough to make a dent in reversing these mineral deficiencies. Coupled with the fact there is no consideration to individual mineral deficiency when taking a general multivitamin.

  • Mineral deficiency has been traced to be a cause of all disease, according to the 2 time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling.
  • Most of us do not eat sufficient fruits and vegetables to account for minimal mineral requirements, according to the RDAs
  • The main causes of mineral deficiency are poor digestion, depleted soils, malnutrition, and malabsorption.
  • Minerals are responsible for thousands of bio-chemical processes in the body. As many minerals work synergistically, a deficiency in just one mineral can have a devastating impact on the body.
  • HTMA and accompanying Blood Work can provide information, helping us to reverse and prevent deficiency.

Each of the following systems in the body utilize minerals. Research shows that imbalances or deficiencies in mineral nutrition can affect these systems(1):

  • Immune System

  • Energy Production (Adrenal and Thyroid)

  • Hormone System

  • Vitamin Production

  • Blood Production

  • Enzyme Systems

  • Skeletal System

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