Stop Chasing Symptoms And Focus On Healing Your Body

  • When we look at the world of natural health, it is like our eyes are finally open for the first time. There is SO much information out there about healing and it can easily get overwhelming.

There are a few main root causes for a large majority of our health issues. We all just manifest these issues differently thanks to our biochemical individuality. In conventional medicine, they aim to match a drug to a diagnosis with no regard for the person as an individual. In true natural health, we aim to heal the person as a whole so that all issues can be taken care of. The body itself might be complex, but we all need the same basic roots to achieve better health.

I see people chase after symptoms, labels, diagnoses, nutrients, and so many other rabbit holes searching for that ONE thing that is going to heal them. There is no one supplement, food, or herb that is going to solve all of your health issues- there are always many facets involved.


  • Gut Dysfunction: The gut is one of the most important parts of our health. When our gut is not functioning we can deal with any number of health issues. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic headaches, joint pain, and so much more can be due to gut dysfunction. Plus if your gut is not working, you cannot absorb the nutrients you are eating from your food! So instead of supplementing dozens of nutrients because you are deficient, first make sure your gut is functioning.
  • Nutrition: Most of the food in our diets today are highly processed and consist of foods filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients. These foods will not nourish and replenish our body. Using multivitamins or synthetic nutrients to reverse the damage and allow healing will not work, in most cases this strategy will increase the toxic burden and mineral dysregulation within the body. This is where HTMA can be invaluable so you can see what YOU are lacking, and you can adjust your diet accordingly. Your nutrition will influence EVERYTHING in your body- liver, adrenals, thyroid, brain, colon, etc. It is one of the most important aspects to work on.
  • Detox ability: Our liver, lymph, kidneys, colon, and skin are all important for detoxing. When we get weak or overloaded with toxins, it is hard for our bodies to function. We can harbor pathogens or just toxins in general, which can drain us of much needed nutrients and energy. Depending on what issues we have, it can take a long time to fully replenish our nutrients because as we start to heal we will use up those nutrients to detox and rebuild.
  • Environment: This can be a rough one because there is only so much that we can control.  Just do your best in your home!  Deodorant, makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, dish soap, etc are just some examples of things that tend to be big offenders for toxins that can mess with our liver function, and they can have very negative impacts on our endocrine function. 
  • Underlying Issues: this can include infections, heavy metals, stress, or even emotional trauma. These can start getting resolved as you work on the above, and usually it is better to build up your foundation before jumping into these issues too.


Everything is connected! Healing your gut will help to heal the rest of your body. Working on effective detox will help with taking stress off of other organs. Getting better nutrition will help your body to heal faster. Reducing environmental toxins and working on underlying issues will help to speed things up as well.

The sad truth is that many people are really sick right now. But the more we can take our healing into our own hands, the more we will truly be able to heal and not get dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic supplements that have the potential to create more damage in the long run. Real change lies with us! A HTMA is a great place to start. This test will give an insight to your nutritional status, gut and liver functioning, how your body is handling sugar, and also endocrine function including thyroid, adrenals and hormonal status.

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