Thermography vs. Mammography

Thermography vs. Mammography:

Like comparing Apples to Oranges….

They are not competitors.

They compliment each other.

Thermography is a test of PHYSIOLOGY. It looks at function.

Change in function of Breast Tissue precedes any breast cancer diagnosis. Thermography uses no radiation and no contact, but instead reads the infra-red heat radiating from the surface of the body. This focus on physiology may alert us to inflammation, unusual vascularity, potential disease development, hormone imbalance, potential tumor growth, and to other conditions.

A thermogram is a physiological test that focuses on physiological changes. Making thermography a must have for women interested in breast cancer prevention. Information obtained from a thermogram is completely different to that found via structural testing eg ultra sound, mammogram ….

Mammography is a test of ANATOMY. It looks at structure. 

It utilizes ionizing radiation and compression to detect the masses. Mammography is screening for disease that already exists. When a tumor has grown to a size that is large enough & dense enough to block an x-ray beam, it produces an image on the x-ray or mammographic plate. An ultrasound is usually then performed followed by a fine needle biopsy to identify the type of tissue in the mass, to determine if atypical or cancerous cells are present.

A mammogram is an anatomical test that focuses on detecting masses or structures.

Each sees different breast characteristics.

Each serves a different purpose.

Neither thermography nor mammography can diagnose breast cancer.

They are both tests which reveal different aspects of the disease process and allow for further exploration.  The physician uses the information gathered from various tests to diagnose.

The physician diagnoses.

Thermography & mammography are complimentary tools in the war against breast cancer.

The information thermography provides can help detect a problem starting or in process.  Because it is looking at physiology, it may detect a cancer starting years before a lump is big enough to be detected by other technologies such as a mammogram or ultrasound.  The information thermography provides can be useful to help improve the accuracy of finding cancer on other tests such as a mammogram or ultrasound or clinical breast exam and can help aid in monitoring treatment.

Like apples and oranges.

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