Doctors warn not to skip regular appointments and health checks

Doctors are warning not to skip regular appointments and health checks with fears tens of thousands of people are putting off tests they need to manage cancer, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

It comes as coronavirus testing continues to expand across the country and GPs increasingly rely on tele-health to keep patients safe. The real and long term cost of the pandemic is yet unknown. Please be sure not to put your very real health conditions on hold because they seem less important right now. Your physical and mental health are very important. There are many ways to prioritise your health without burdening the healthcare system.
This pandemic has shown us just how important it is to avoid chronic health conditions that are huge risk factors and how important it is to support the immune system.

With regard to your Breast Health don’t forget the importance of carrying out regular Self Breast Examinations. See the link below detailing exactly how to preform this accurately.

Consider a Breast Thermography assessment see the article l wrote earlier this year explaining the use of Mammography and Thermography in breast health assessment:


Prioritise your diet and support your immune system- book your Inital Consultation now:

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