With regard to Breast Cancer : Prevention should take precedence over detection

Of course everyone has heard by now that early detection prolongs life expectancy, this is a given. However if cancer has been detected early, it would mean that you already have cancer. Prevention should take precedence over detection. Prevention means not getting cancer in the first place. If we are going to reverse the present trend of the epidemic proportion of breast cancer, we need to come up with a more proactive approach, which needs to become the norm for patient assessment. Cancer starts with one abnormal cell, and it takes nearly 8 years for that one abnormal cell to replicate to one billion cells. One billion cells produce a detectable lump that is one centimeter in size. This is the size of a lump that can be seen on a mammogram. This is not an early finding.

Every woman should know her risk for breast cancer. With proper risk assessment that includes different testing modalities, the patient is able to determine her risk factors and develop an action plan on how to improve the breast tissue or even reverse the existing trend. The current screening strategy is not enough to protect women from breast cancer. Breast Thermography also known as Medical infrared imaging should be added to every woman’s regular breast health care. Stay informed and make the best choices for your Breast Health.

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  1. Karen Lynch says

    Good morning
    I am a cancer patient and have ulcerative colitis and am on anti hormonal treatment for cancer such as herceptin and tamoxifen as well as infliximab for colitis. However I suffer a lot with fecal loading and bloating . I am wondering would it be possible for me to have colonic done as you have come highly recommended by a colleague many thanks karen lynch

    • Gretta Cullen says

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your email. l am so sorry to hear all you have endured & it is so great that is all behind you now. My approach to your case would be more centered around establishing the root cause of your inflammation and working together to restore balance and healing. The colonics are fantastic, but maybe not just at the minute. If you would like to discuss this any further please feel free to call me Ph 086 1623683 or email me info@thermographyireland.ie.

      Kind regards

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