Stress & Nutritional Deficiency Affect Both Mental & Emotional Health

π™”π™Šπ™π™ π™‹π™ƒπ™”π™Žπ™„π™Šπ™‡π™Šπ™‚π™” π˜Όπ™‰π˜Ώ π™‹π™€π™π™Žπ™Šπ™‰π˜Όπ™‡π™„π™π™”

⁣⁣Metals and minerals can exert influence over your personality.⁣⁣ This is only half the story.⁣⁣ The concept of the oxidation rate is a huge one in nutritional balancing. For now just know the oxidation rate is essentially the strategy your body uses to respond to stress in your environment.⁣⁣ Those in different states of health utilize different strategies to respond to stress, and these strategies have certain biochemical parameters, which can give rise to certain personality traits.⁣⁣ What we’re seeing with this chart is the progression that one takes through a balanced oxidation rate down through total exhaustion.⁣⁣When you are healthy you will tend more towards having a balanced oxidation rate and your personality will reflect this balanced state by being more extroverted, cheerful, confident, and facing your problems as they crop up. ⁣⁣If stressful events in your life don’t abate and you go into fast oxidation (fight or flight) and stay there, you can start to become aggressive, domineering, and paranoid. These personality traits are a direct result of the stress you are facing in your life.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣If the stress you are facing doesn’t resolve, however, you can end up sliding into burnout.⁣⁣ Burnout is characterized by being more introverted, fearful, timid, and depressed. The technical name we give burnout is slow oxidation. And physiologically what has happened is that since the adrenals have been so overused they can no longer synthesize enough hormones to maintain your calcium, magnesium in solution in your blood and they precipitate into your soft tissues of the body, including your hair.⁣⁣ This particular state of body chemistry is the reason why many people end up depressed, tired all the time and fatigued. The elevated levels of calcium and magnesium (due to the burnout) can literally cause all these feelings.⁣⁣ So this then begs the question, if we can track the progression of these biochemical states – and their associated personality traits – can we reverse them ? The answer is ⁣Yes! If you’re in one of these more negative states our programs are specifically designed to bring you back to that starting point of balanced oxidation and all the positive personality traits associated with them.⁣ Remember stress causes mineral loss, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis HTMA coupled with a specific blood test, will provide the information we need to assess your mineral status and your oxidation rate. Contact the clinic for more details or to request a test.

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