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My name is Gretta and since 1999 I have operated my own Health and Wellness practice. I first qualified as a reflexologist in 1998 and I then went on to study and qualify as a Naturopathic consultant in 2003 and a Colon Hydrotherapist in 2004

My own healing journey began Jan 2004, a few months after the birth of my fourth child. I had a stroke as a result of Osteopathic treatment on my neck which resulted in me being tube fed and having many more deficits, with a prognosis from the medical profession of a 95% chance of never swallowing again. It was a frightening experience!

This catastrophic life-changing event resulted in my journey of self- healing and a quest to deepen my existing knowledge to enable me to restore my health, fully. Having recovered from the stroke I am living proof that the body is a self-healing mechanism, once it is given the right conditions

I have an extremely strong family history of breast cancer and I was included in Mammogram screening early as a result. I realised after a mammogram that l was just being monitored for detection of breast cancer.

My approach is completely different to that because l am coming from a place of Breast Cancer Prevention with an emphasis on restoring/maintaining healthy breasts.

As a trained clinical thermographer I say with no hesitation it is my belief that breast thermography is a better predictor of breast health than any other imaging method. The function of the breast Thermogram is to allow prediction on risk of breast cancer. It shows changes typically associated with the formation of cancers. Thus, the clinical use of breast Thermography is preventive (allows you to take action before the cancer) while mammography is corrective (take action after the cancer is already there).

In Ireland 1 in 10 women will get breast cancer, a risk which increases with age. If your breast thermogram presents with high-risk findings you can investigate further. It may be hormonal, it may be a lifestyle issue, it may be a dietary problem or a myriad of other contributing factors. Let's find out and deal with it. Take action and take control of your own health. No need to passively wait for your next mammogram. No need for anxiety.

I am fully versed in all areas of Thermography, Hormone Testing, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Reflexology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Dietary Therapy, Mineral Metabolism and Herbal and Nutraceutical Medicine.

A true Breast Cancer Prevention Programme needs to identify changes in the breast as early as possible and to establish the root cause. Then a healing protocol can be set in place. By addressing the cause and not just the symptoms we can facilitate the body to heal.

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