Thermography Treatment Rates

Breast & surrounding Lymphatic Tissue
Dental & Thyroid, Head & Neck Lymphatics
Breast Area, Dental and Thyroid Combo
Upper Body
(Not including Breast)
Lower Body
Total Body Thermography for Women
(Including upper body Breast and Cranial)
Total Body Thermography for Men
(Including Upper Body, Lower Body & Cranial)

Root Cause Protocol Rates

Our approach to health is what makes us different. We use the best of ancient wisdom and modern science to create a natural solution and health plan designed just for you.

Initial Consultation by phone (Consultation form to be completed before call)
Full Consultation 
(Bloodwork & HTMA Required)
3 x Monthly Check-in by phone to ascertain if extra support needed
6 Monthly Consultation
(Blood Retest required )
Yearly Consultation
(Blood work & HTMArequired)
Bloodwork to Accompany HTMA
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