Our Healthy Breast Programme

At Thermography Clinic Ireland, we support early detection and prevention.

Our approach to Healthy Breast Tissue involves:

  • High-resolution, detailed imaging that supports the earliest detection of warning signs and risk
  • For breast clients, we provide Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging.,  Thermobiological Risk Rating - a simple number you can use to monitor your thermo-biological level of risk over time.

Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging and Early Breast Cancer Detection

The average cancer takes up to 8-10 years to become large enough to be visible on a mammogram, typically at 3 mm. But active cancers begin creating a blood supply at about 1/5 mm

Thermal imaging looks for signs of developing a blood supply, as well as signs of risk contributing to inflammation

There is a known standard for a low-risk thermogram. Breast disease causes thermograms to significantly deviate from that standard. Low-risk breast thermograms show symmetrical heat patterns and similar temperatures in the breasts, while high-risk thermograms do not

Active cancer cells are bloodthirsty and stimulate the development of new blood vessels to feed them (neoangiogenesis). These vascular formations are one thermobiological sign that cancer may be developing

The thermogram above and right is an example of a highest risk thermogram, from a 33 year old client who had a normal mammogram and a normal ultrasound. Can you see the vascular formation in her right breast, pictured on the left of the image?

This thermogram led to directed clinical palpation followed by lumpectomy that revealed a 3 mm carcinoma. While this client did not have time to reverse the situation, she was able to obtain a relatively early diagnosis

Studies indicate that thermal imaging can significantly increase the accuracy of a mammogram and where thermal imaging is added to mammography, survival rates can increase by 61%

For clients seeking prevention, we can schedule a Holistic Breast Consultation. This will include testing if necessary and will implement a Breast Health Protocol which will include such things as: potential risk factors in your images, educate you on likely causes, and provide action steps, tools and resources to improve your breast health.

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