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Root Cause Consultant - Copernican Institute

Stress leads to mineral loss, which results in changes in enzyme function, and enzyme pathways and symptoms then appear. With the complete understanding of the root cause of dysfunction, a Healing Protocol can be designed

A thorough biochemistry analysis is implemented using:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • Comprehensive panel of blood tests
  • Symptom Assessment Intake form

These three diagnostic tools serve to validate the mineral dynamics that are caused by stress experienced by the individual

The program is designed to teach you how your body got out of sync, how your symptoms are just that and not the actual cause of your disease. With my guidance, you will learn how to rebalance your body, by properly balancing bio-available copper and iron to restore metabolic homeostasis

What can Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis help with?

  • Balancing your Hormones
  • Fixing your Metabolism
  • Replenishing crucial Minerals that are essential for your health and well-being
  • Healing your Adrenals and Thyroid

And much more! HTMA is a simple way to find out if your symptoms are related to a mineral imbalance in your body. The test provides a measure of the chemical elements deposited in the cells and between the cells of the hair. It provides a reading of the deposition of the mineral in the hair during the 3-4 months during which the hair grew. At least 20 nutritive and toxic minerals are measured to see if there is any deficiency or excess and uses that information to create a sophisticated blueprint of your biochemistry

With this blueprint, we can create a plan for re-balancing your body’s chemistry, restoring it to optimal function. 

Minerals are sometimes called the ‘sparkplugs’ of the body. Minerals run all of the enzymes in our body, even some genetic transcripts like MTHFR.  As a result, minerals have a great deal to do with the health of our bodies

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    I attended Gretta Cullen for assistance with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and she treated the whole endocrine system. l was offered testing of adrenal gland function together with full functional analysis of recent blood work and also thyroid fully investigated including antibody screening reverse T3 free T4 and T3 ferritin, Vit D level, B 12

    All the imbalances were identified & corrected. Gretta explained that no one gland works in isolation so to comprehensively treat PCOS it is important to treat the person as a whole and identify their individual imbalances

    I hadn't attended my endocrinologist in over 3 years until just recently and he was extremely happy with my blood test results overall. Needless to say I'm very happy with the treatment I've received and would have no hesitation recommending Gretta and indeed Thermography Clinic lreland to anyone

  • Thermography

    I attended Thermography Clinic Ireland recently. My history is, my sibling passed away a year ago from an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. I am aware that I have to be checked regularly because of this. I've attended hospital for a few mammograms, one of which came back with a query

    I'm happy to say that my results from Thermography showed me that I'm at a normal range at the moment. This procedure was non-invasive and I felt very comfortable with it. Results were back as quick as a mammogram would be, and there was no radiation involved. l will definitely include Thermography in my yearly assessment of my breast health

  • l highly recommend Thermography Clinic lreland. l found Gretta Cullen is so great to work with and made me feel comfortable when l come in for my appointment. I am grateful for this clinic as they are monitoring my breast health and happily I can say that I have been healthy with no issues

    Its great to know that they this clinic concentrates on bringing awareness to the community of the importance of regular breast exams and provides thermography a non-invasive, radiation free for of breast assessment

    I am so glad I heard about this test and want to pass this option on to others

  • Hi Gretta,
    I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had this past Tuesday at your clinic for a Thermography screening.  Your professionalism and easy going manner made me feel comfortable and at ease right from the minute I walked through your doors

    I have never had a mammogram but have heard from MANY of my friends that have had them done, what a horrible experience it was for them.  I will definitely be recommending they come and see you!!

    J Curtis
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for Thermography.  Without this procedure I would not have been diagnosed in the early stages of invasive ductal carcinoma

    Thermography is a very painless and valuable procedure in which I would recommend for early detection.  My thermography appointment was scheduled for the beginning of May 2014, following this process I was diagnosed with breast cancer

    I am grateful for the Gretta’s knowledge and compassion and cannot recommend Thermography Clinic lreland highly enough

    Jacinta Mc
  • l went for this screening yesterday and was really impressed.  Sure beats being flattened!
    Thank You

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