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Breast Cancer Averted: Thermography Before & After Pictures

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Breast Thermography, is all about prevention. Breast Thermography is a radiation-free, non-invasive assessment tool. Below is an example of how Breast Thermography can alert you to changes that are happening in your breast tissue (that you are not aware of). Theses changes happen years before a cancer will be picked up by a structural test such as an ultrasound or mammogram. At this stage with this information changes can be made to lifestyle and diet to reduce your overall breast cancer risk.

Here are before and after photos.

Thermography Before Photo
Thermography Before Photo

In the BEFORE photo, The right breast (would be the left one in the photo) shows feeder blood flow (new vessels forming these can be potentially feeding a cancerous cell cluster). Looks like a red and yellow snake weaving across the breast.

An ultrasound was recommended to rule out current pathology, fortunately there was no tumor formed yet.

Thermography After Photo
Thermography After Photo

Six months later the AFTER photos show a dramatic cut-off of the blood flow (feeder vessels) and the blue and green coolness of the breasts and nipples are more in line with normalcy.

With the information gained from the use of Breast Thermography, it can be the starting point to establish what exactly is the root cause of this change in function in the breast tissue, and by working with a qualified therapist a Health Protocol can be followed to revert these negative changes. Such changes made can nip in the bud the possibility of cancer formation.

How About You?

Have you tried thermography, this is a non-invasive radiation-free assessment tool ? Would you like to include this assessment tool in your breast health protocol ? Do you need help restoring the health of your breast tissue ? If so contact us on Ph: 086 1623683 or email for more information.

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