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80% of all Breast Cancers are Fed by Estrogen

If a plant estrogen can occupy a receptor it is stimulating that receptor, NOT blocking it from other bio-identical estrogens. In fact, scientists have discovered that synthetic estrogens, which are also bio-identical, can produce more binding sites! If a plant estrogen cannot occupy a receptor then it is NOT affecting that receptor. This is how many studies are manipulated. For example, a flax study was conducted on rat colons and claimed flax was beneficial. But herein lies the problem: There are no receptors for estrogen in the colon.

Eighty  percent of breast cancers are fed from estrogen, so if women were actually estrogen deficient then breast cancer would be significantly lower and not increasing.

Hormonal Imbalance can be identified on a Breast Thermogram. This is indicitative of an endocrine imbalance – and not a disease. Breast Cancer is a truly preventable disease, stay informed and know how your hormones are affecting your breast tissue.

Signs and symptoms of excess estrogen are usually PMS, weight gain, hair loss, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, breast pain, cramps, headaches, fibrocystic breast, and experiencing symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and night sweats. Severe risks of excess estrogen are infertility, thyroid issues, stoke, seizures, miscarriage, and breast and uterine cancer.

Thermography clinicians who are recommending estrogen supplementation do not understand the basic fundamentals of thermography. Estrogen supplementation includes HRTs, bio-identical estrogen, flax, soy, red clover, black cohosh, primrose, estradiol, estriol, patches, pellets, and more.

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