Breast Health Program

True preventative breast health based on scientific testing and personalised nutrition.

Breast Thermography is available in our clinic in Dublin, Ireland or Zoom consultation world-wide.

Breast health issues are plaguing many women today: from heavy, swollen painful breasts before a period to diagnosed fibrocystic breasts to breast cancer – our breasts are a very sensitive barometer of our health.

Looking at your breast health in a preventative manner and addressing issues that are already there is vital in today’s environment. In order to resolve our breast issues we need to address hormonal, gut and detox problems.

Many of my clients have the breast related symptoms, fibrocystic breasts, tenderness, swollen &/or painful breast etc…and are told such things as ‘it is just benign and needs to be checked by an ultrasound now and then’. Painful and heavy breasts before periods – ‘just part of being female’.

None of these issues are normal. They are very common but not normal. They all occur due to gut problems such as low stomach acid (nutrients not broken down), leaky gut (nutrients not absorbed), gut imbalances (the wrong bacteria sending estrogen back into re-circulation) as well as liver issues (not detoxing environmental pollutants and not breaking down hormones efficiently) as well as certain genetics.

Add to this adrenal fatigue (doing too much, stressing too much, caring too much for others and not self) which eventually affects thyroid function negatively and you have a perfect storm for breast and other health issues.

breast health sydney nutritionist

The Key Organ systems involved in breast health are:

  • the stomach and small intestine: they facilitate absorption of vital nutrients for breast health
  • the liver- toxin and hormone elimination is paramount for breast health
  • the colon – imbalanced gut bacteria lead to excess estrogen hormones accumulating

It is important to balance hormones for breast health. These are:

  • estrogen
  • progesterone
  • cortisol – stress ‘steals’ our balancing hormones like progesterone
  • insulin

Without achieving hormonal balance, improving gut health, proper elimination and detoxification we cannot have healthy breasts.

This program is for you if:

  • you suffer from painful, swollen and enlarged breasts at any stage in your cycle
  • you have been diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts
  • you have been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • a member of your immediate or extended family has had breast or prostate cancer and you would like to invest in your health in a preventative way

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