“I want to prevent cancer, not detect it.”

Mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs focus on detection of Breast Cancer. Breast Thermography as offered at Thermography Clinic Ireland, focuses on prevention. Services provide a Thermobiological Risk Rating for each breast, a Hormonal Assessment regarding estrogen stimulation, and Self-Care and Prevention Education, to empower you to be proactive with your Breast Health.  If you prefer prevention over detection, check us out… we support both, early detection and prevention.

It is especially helpful for women who are: pre-menopausal; with dense, fibrocystic, or large breasts; undergoing HRT or fertility treatment; with implants, or surgical alteration; nursing or pregnant; not able to tolerate radiation or compression; or seek early warning signs early enough to intervene, reduce risk, and support prevention. Because thermography is 100% safe, with no radiation or compression, it cannot cause cancer or cause a tumor to rupture. As a risk assessment and early warning tool, Thermography Clinic Ireland provides thermal imaging of the Breast,Teeth and Body for men and women.

Women who want prevention choose thermography.

Mammography does not prevent cancer. It is meant to support detection, though it falls short along many attributes. There is such growing evidence about the shortcomings of mammography that the Swiss Medical Board has recommended “completely abolishing mammogram screenings.”

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