Hi Gretta,I would just like to say a very big "Thank You" for your impact on Darragh. His energy began to return in March and has been improving exponentially ever since. The guy who has been practically housebound for years is now climbing Torc Mountain in Killarney. You have literally given me my son back and he can now look forward to going to college and re-joining the human race. You were the last throw of the dice, he was sick of doctors and alternative people as nobody had actually improved his quality of life. His peak flow is now averaging 650. I think I can cancel his next appointment at the Difficult Asthma Clinic in CUH! You have literally delivered a miracle to this household, he turned 20 at the weekend and it was the first birthday in years where he was healthy and able to look forward with confidence to his future. Many thanks,


Working with Gretta shortly after my breast cancer diagnosis simply empowered me to face this journey with a calmness greater than I felt initially. She explained so much to me during my consultations about how our bodies work and the power we have to self heal. Almost one year on Gretta is still a part of this journey with me and I can confidentially say that she pulled me up when I fell down. I will always opt for a thermography scan over mammograms; they are painless, accurate and can detect a problem a lot earlier than other scans. Thank you Gretta for everything.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I attended Gretta Cullen for assistance with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and she treated the whole endocrine system. l was offered testing of adrenal gland function together with full functional analysis of recent blood work and also thyroid fully investigated including antibody screening reverse T3 free T4 and T3 ferritin, Vit D level, B 12

All the imbalances were identified & corrected. Gretta explained that no one gland works in isolation so to comprehensively treat PCOS it is important to treat the person as a whole and identify their individual imbalances

I hadn't attended my endocrinologist in over 3 years until just recently and he was extremely happy with my blood test results overall. Needless to say I'm very happy with the treatment I've received and would have no hesitation recommending Gretta and indeed Thermography Clinic lreland to anyone



I attended Thermography Clinic Ireland recently. My history is, my sibling passed away a year ago from an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. I am aware that I have to be checked regularly because of this. I've attended hospital for a few mammograms, one of which came back with a query

I'm happy to say that my results from Thermography showed me that I'm at a normal range at the moment. This procedure was non-invasive and I felt very comfortable with it. Results were back as quick as a mammogram would be, and there was no radiation involved. l will definitely include Thermography in my yearly assessment of my breast health


Hypothyroid - Hashimotos

I went to Gretta about four years ago as I couldn’t get the answers from any of my doctors or anyone from the medical profession.  I started off not being able to sleep, like no sleep at all.  I went to doctors who gave me sleeping tablets, which sometimes got me asleep but I constantly woke up.  I also started to put on weight for no reason, sometimes I thought it was because I was starting to get older, I was 34.  I began to get very bloated and sluggish.  I went to my GP and she ran a series of blood tests, without testing my thyroid.  All my bloods came back fine.  I since went back to my doctor who carried out a blood test on my thyroid, the results came back with a reading of 10.  The test just checked my TSH level.  My doctor immediately put me on Eltroxin,  sure what harm could it do, a lot of women are on it.  I started to sleep slightly better, I lost some weight and I was delighted with myself.  This didn’t last long.  After about a month all the symptoms returned.  I went back to my doctor as I told her my bloating was getting worse and I had a ‘crawling’ feeling in my gut.  She sent me to see a consultant in the Beaumont Hospital who after a lot of questions said I had IBS.  I told her that I never got constipated or had diarrhoea – she said the cramps in your bowel are waking you up, I wasn’t getting cramps!

Things just got worse and I wasn’t sleeping at all which eventually took its toll and I ended up having a lot of anxiety attacks.  I went to my GP who referred me to an endocrinologist who charged me €300 to tell me to go back on the Eltroxin, to put me on beta blockers and to refer me to a psychiatrist for my panic attacks!  All of the symptoms I was getting was as a result of my autoimmune condition that the medical profession wasn’t recognising and just throwing loads of tablets at me.  I did none of the above!

I eventually gave up on doctors and went back to Gretta who after doing some research and carried out full thyroid bloods confirmed l indeed had an autoimmune condition called Hashimotos, and also a thyroid hormone conversion issue. My Adrenals were tested and  with all my tests back  Gretta devised a Healing protocol, I came off the eltroxin  and took two months off work on sick leave.  Gretta, through her research, discovered that I had Hashimotos, this is a condition whereby my body attacks my thyroid.  The anxiety was so bad, I was afraid to do anything

I did a gut cleanse and my diet was alcohol free, sugar free and caffeine free.  After two months I was really feeling back to myself and started to lose weight and slept every night.  I couldn’t recommend Gretta enough.  I am feeling great at the moment but given that I do have a condition I do have to be careful of exercise or going to mad with my diet in that I follow a gluten free diet which is a must with the condition I have.  I continue to go to Gretta for maintenance for reflexology or colonics

Gretta is excellent and is very passionate about what she does and will make sure she gets to the bottom of anyone’s illness.  She is very knowledgeable and really knows the human body inside and out.  I would highly recommend anyone to go to Gretta, not just if you are feeling unwell but even for generally looking after yourself in this very pressure filled lifestyle we all live


Unexplained Infertility

When my husband and I decided we wanted to have babies we were completely unaware of what lay ahead. We started trying when I was 36 and after a year and a half still nothing was happening. I had been attending Gretta previously for other health issues, which she treated successfully.  So I mentioned to her that we were trying to have a baby.  She treated me with this in mind using reflexology and within 4 months I was pregnant. I was 38 when we had our baby girl

A year and half after our first child was born we decided to start trying for baby number two.  At this stage I was 40 but given that we already had a child, naively we did not think that it would be a problem or that it would take as long this time round.  What started out as an exciting prospect was becoming a very stressful journey

A year and half after our first child was born we decided to start trying for baby number two.  At this stage I was 40 but given that we already had a child, naively we did not think that it would be a problem or that it would take as long this time round.  What started out as an exciting prospect was becoming a very stressful journey

When I did, Gretta suggested that we start with getting my full bloodwork done. All bloods came back within range and my fertility bloods indicated that I was ovulating.  My TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) reading at 3.84 was also in range but Gretta felt that this was too high for me to conceive.  On top of that my thyroid antibodies showed that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease which results in your immune system attacking your thyroid.  At this stage all I was interested in was the fact that I was ovulating

As part of the treatment Gretta supported my thyroid and I continued to get my fertility bloods tested on a regular basis. Each result indicated my levels were as they should be and that I was ovulating.  My husband had a sperm analysis done to determine number, quality etc., all of which came back exactly as they should.  I was now faced with ‘unexplained infertility’

Gretta then recommended that I get a comprehensive assessment of my hormones using saliva samples.  This test was done over a 28 day cycle and it too indicated that I ovulated in that cycle.  However the results showed that I had low oestrogen levels and elevated levels of progesterone

My bloods were repeated and once again it showed I had ovulated. At this point my doctor suggested that I might need some medication to stimulate ovulation. While I didn’t rule it out at this point, and decided I would never say never, I had the utmost confidence in Gretta’s approach. After all as far as I was concerned, ovulation, or lack of, wasn’t my problem

Gretta explained to me that the endocrine system is vital for fertility and without proper endocrine function my body could not maintain proper hormonal balance.  So the approach that Gretta took was to balance my whole endocrine system. This approach made sense to me given that my hormones were out of balance and my thyroid was under attack from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

I got pregnant and had my second child when I was 42


l highly recommend Thermography Clinic lreland. l found Gretta Cullen is so great to work with and made me feel comfortable when l come in for my appointment. I am grateful for this clinic as they are monitoring my breast health and happily I can say that I have been healthy with no issues

Its great to know that they this clinic concentrates on bringing awareness to the community of the importance of regular breast exams and provides thermography a non-invasive, radiation free for of breast assessment

I am so glad I heard about this test and want to pass this option on to others


Hi Gretta,
I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had this past Tuesday at your clinic for a Thermography screening.  Your professionalism and easy going manner made me feel comfortable and at ease right from the minute I walked through your doors

I have never had a mammogram but have heard from MANY of my friends that have had them done, what a horrible experience it was for them.  I will definitely be recommending they come and see you!!

J Curtis

I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for Thermography.  Without this procedure I would not have been diagnosed in the early stages of invasive ductal carcinoma

Thermography is a very painless and valuable procedure in which I would recommend for early detection.  My thermography appointment was scheduled for the beginning of May 2014, following this process I was diagnosed with breast cancer

I am grateful for the Gretta’s knowledge and compassion and cannot recommend Thermography Clinic lreland highly enough

Jacinta Mc

l went for this screening yesterday and was really impressed.  Sure beats being flattened!
Thank You

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